1803 Scents


Crab Apple Farm ... Farmer Jones gives us yummy apples right off the tree…(Green Apple Scent)


Cranberry Cupboard...Old Cranberry Cupboard shows its age... (Wonderful cranberry and spice)


Farmhouse...Welcome to our old Family Farm...(Blend of vanillas)

Grandma's Kitchen...All the yummy fixins' for baking…(Brown Sugar, Spice, Buttery Oatmeal)
Grated Cinnamon...Grated cinnamon wrapped in brown paper...(Cinnamon stick with a little bakery spice) 

Home Sweet Home...There's no place like home...(Vanilla bean, spice and raisins)

Lemon Drop Cookie ...Reminiscent of simpler times…great scent for summer and fall.

Orange Caramel Scone..."Oven-fresh scones heavy in your hand, awaken your senses with bursts of sweet, orange citrus followed by a dripping caramel glaze."
Brown Butter Cake... "Brown Butter Cake is a spiced, buttery scent of warm cake with a vanilla drizzled strudel topping."
Cabin on The Hill... "This heady mix of woody spice, leaves, and fresh cut greens brings about days being spent amongst the outdoors at the cabin in fall."
Cedarwood Orchard...“The historic cedar barn can be seen through the trees. Wagons of McIntosh apples head to the barn for sorting.”
Lavender & Lemongrass..."this candle has just the right combination of lavender and lemongrass to bring you a brisk, uplifting scent that also soothes the weary soul."
Family Everything..."Aromatic cardamom spice with woody vanilla swirled together with a small amount of musk creates our Family Everything scent."
Tavern Maple..."Found in the sweetest Tavern, built with age old maple trees you will find Maple Tavern."
Perfect Afternoon..."Fresh brewed coffee with velvety cream blended with rich buttery caramel will fill your home with a sweet and spicy goodness."
Southern Pound Cake..."Southern Pound Cake is a toasty, warm aroma of soft, golden pound cake topped with sweet, crumbly, brown sugar and roasted pralines."

Spice Box... Our Spice Box is filled with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice.